The Double A Network provides companies the opportunity to align with others who share similar customers. Membership also entails an affordable investment in marketing as Double A Marketing asks each member to share promotions among one another. This collective effort makes it possible for small businesses expand their reach to find the exact customer they intend to service.

The Double A Network can be expected to:

  • Act as an agent for members and actively seek out promotional opportunities.
  • Relay upcoming projects to members for consent to collaborate.
  • Support each member’s operations and relay to the network.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest and direct competition when possible and alert members when the possibility exists.

Double A Network members can be expected to:

  • Create promotions exclusive to other members and their customers.
  • Issue consent to the Network to be included in promotional and sponsorship programs.
  • Avoid campaigns and actions that threaten the operations of other members.
  • Communicate information found to be beneficial to Network members that would considered a competitive advantage for members but not deemed confidential.

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