Double A Marketing is a part of Double A Media & Consulting, LLC and is a business solutions and market consulting organization seeking to provide services to primarily women-owned, black-owned, or other minority owned small businesses. It is our plan to improve day-to-day and long term operations while maximizing opportunities for success. With over 25 years of combined experience, our consultants stand ready to meet the needs of the decision maker.

The future of the company is developing a consulting staff where young marketers can learn from established organizations to fuse new techniques and traditional business practices. Clients can expect a flexible team to handle the ever changing landscape of their target market.


Double A Media & Consulting, LLC utilizes multiple facets of marketing and media to promote other businesses, share knowledge and opinions, and facilitate philanthropic causes.

To accomplish this the Company will:

  • Plan and implement strategies for Black-owned, small businesses, local organizations, and similar firms to maximize their profits and exposure.
  • Provide a podcast network revolving around various uncensored topics.
  • Organize events throughout the year sponsored by clients and potential clients for the good and welfare of the communities they serve.
  • Create a database of market information to be shared among clients.
  • Facilitate feedback between customers and clients in order to provide top level service.