Sexual Assault Awareness 2017

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and Doctor AbrACEive plans to participate through the sharing of education, resources, and support. In addition to this, the network will donate 1 penny to the Mississippi Coalition Against Sexual Assault and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center for every interaction on its pages. So that’s every click, like, share, retweet, and comment will fund the fight against sexual violence.

We would like to know about any other organization with plans to share in this month. Contact us so we can share your message and support.


Venturing into the arena of marketing as an undergraduate student at Mississippi State University, Antonio developed various projects with the assistance of classmates and friends for the purpose of entertainment. These projects coupled with a part-time marketing position at a small restaurant aided him in the achieving of a Business Administrations degree in 2004.

Antonio entered retail soon after completing undergradute studies to an eventual promotion to sales management. Although it was not his area of focus, Mr. Arrington found it a valuable mean to develop communication and interpersonal skills.

Since 2012, he has operated the Doctor AbrACEive blog and podcast and learned how to combine traditional marketing knowledge to modern resources to stimulate an audience and cultivate a brand. The desire to secure a marketing based career never waned; not finding an entry into the industry led to the founding of Double A Media & Consulting, LLC. Being a marketing resource for small businesses became the company's main purpose

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