Which Audience Do You Choose?

Owners and marketing managers must choose the best way to reach customers. Technology has increased the number of available channels exponentially in the past decade. Along with these advancements has come the ability to track activity and engagement. Businesses can find success when utilizing these means in their marketing strategy. I have noticed that many new businesses focus on adding these channels while older ones work to adapt to the environment; one constant for both is that they tend to pursue mass media, or as massive as possible, to reach audiences. The inefficiencies in this method are too great for a small business to adopt.

The novice marketer will celebrate high levels of reach, which is the term for the number of people who physically see media campaigns. It’s a misconception that high reach numbers determine the success of marketing. True, higher reach can lead to more customers, but it takes more than a massive message to make an impact on marketing goals. Do not be fooled by website traffic, Facebook fans, Twitter and Instagram followers, or mailing list size. All of the following are similar to placing a flyer on every car in a crowded parking lot. They spread the message but do not guarantee action.

Engagement is favorable action taken by a member of the audience after interacting with marketing. If the marketing asks for customer to call, every call is an engagement activity. All media should include a “call to action” telling the target audience what is expected of them after interacting with the marketing. Website clicks, follow-up emails, and purchases are a few examples of actions requested. A number of marketing sources cite 3% as an average engagement rate for media; this means approximately 3 out every 100 people who views media will execute a favorable action. It is very important that every marketing campaign has a means to determine reach, or potential reach, and engagement. Without them, it would be difficult to determine effectiveness.

Niche marketing allows for businesses to focus on segments of the population most likely to be interested in the product or service being sold. Narrowing the population to a few defined groups is a bonus for small budgets and can lead to higher engagement rates when properly researched. The Double A method assists you in finding the most profitable audience by maximizing the cost per engagement. Learn more about this method and contact us by email today.

Venturing into the arena of marketing as an undergraduate student at Mississippi State University, Antonio developed various projects with the assistance of classmates and friends for the purpose of entertainment. These projects coupled with a part-time marketing position at a small restaurant aided him in the achieving of a Business Administrations degree in 2004.

Antonio entered retail soon after completing undergradute studies to an eventual promotion to sales management. Although it was not his area of focus, Mr. Arrington found it a valuable mean to develop communication and interpersonal skills.

Since 2012, he has operated the Doctor AbrACEive blog and podcast and learned how to combine traditional marketing knowledge to modern resources to stimulate an audience and cultivate a brand. The desire to secure a marketing based career never waned; not finding an entry into the industry led to the founding of Double A Media & Consulting, LLC. Being a marketing resource for small businesses became the company's main purpose

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